Travel for Cambridgeshire

Travel Plan


Cambridgeshire is flat! Those who live and work around the City of Cambridge know that it can justifiably claim to be the cycling capital of England. The cycling infrastructure in the rest of Cambridgeshire is rapidly improving also.

So in promoting cycling to work we have topography and infrastructure on our side – compared to many parts of the country we are very lucky.

It is a rare Cambridgeshire travel plan indeed that does not include cycling!

Below are some Travel for Work ideas to facilitate and promote cycling to your workplace.

Bike Week/Bike2Work

  • TfW ideas for National Bike2Work week 15 - 23 June 2013 and see our guide for employers for suggestions on events.
  • Bike Week have produced an events guidance for employers
  • Wanted - your feedback on Bike Week events to and your text and photos will be included in TfW newsletter and on our website.

Cycle purchase support


9 Sept 2013

Promoting Cycling

  • Provide cycle stands, lockers and drying rooms.  Improve showers and changing rooms. To apply for funds towards your installation see Workplace Travel Grant. See the Cycle Parking Guide produced by Cambridge Cycling Campaign for information on stand purchase and installation.
  • Register bikes to improve cycle security
    at Any item with a serial number can be registered for FREE. If your employer is based in Cambridge City or South Cambs or East Cambridge ring 01223 715550 to arrange Immobilise registration days for staff at their workplace.   You may want to download an A4 Immobilise poster click here.  
  • TfL Cycling to Work guide is aimed at all those organisations that care about the vitality and prosperity of their locality and the wellbeing of those who work and live within it, and wish to encourage and facilitate cycling to the workplace.
  • DfT's The Essential Guide to Travel Planning Section 10 Cycling page 40 for case studies etc.
  • TfL Sustainable Business Travel Guide page 26 for information on how employers can encourage cycle use for business travel
  • Provide/improve showers and changing rooms.
  • Provide lockers and drying rooms.
  • Provide mileage rates for staff that cycle to meetings (see Tax Implications for details of what rates you can give).
  • Cambridge City Cycle map - if your company is based in or around Cambridge the cycle map is a must. It links the villages surrounding Cambridge to the City.  For copies of the cycle map please contact
    Elfaisal Elturki - Cambridge City Council
    Tel: +44 (01223) 457187 or view Cambridge City Council cycling web pages.
  • Wisbech Cycle Route map - if your company is based in or around Wisbech the cycle map is a must.  It links the villages surrounding Wisbech to the town.  For copies of the cycle map please contact Wisbech Tourist Information Centre 2-3 bridge Street, Wisbech PE13 1AF 01945 583263
  • Wisbech cycle route planner - find the quickest, quietest or balanced cycle route between home and work using the Wisbech CycleStreet journey planner (developed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign).
  • Cambridge City Cycle Route Planner - find the quickest, quietest, shortest cycle route between home and work using the Cambridge Cycling Campaign website journey planner.
  • Keeping your bike -
    Its a good idea to register your bike for free at This is recommended by the police. You can also register other personal items of value. Doing this should help you retrieve your stuff if it is stolen. If you would like posters/flyers and stickers phone Parkside Police Station on 0845 456 456 4 and ask for the Community Safety Unit.
    Also check your home insurance and consider extending it if necessary.
  • Adult Cycle Training - Providing or supporting Adult Cycle Training for your staff is a wonderful way of giving your employees the confidence to consider cycling to work. Potential trainees can register with a local provider:

Outspoken or;


or check out the DfT website for local freelance trainers see Go to our Discounts page for Adult Cycle Training discounts available through Outspoken and Ridingabike.

  • Organise a Dr Bike session to fix minor bicycle repairs and maintenance issues at your site.  Go to our Discounts page for Dr Bike discounts available through Outspoken and Ridingabike.
  • Report a problem online include potholes, trees issues, signal faults, damaged signs, and bridge damage. Rights of way issues can be reported too, such as a damaged stile or an overgrown path.  contacts the right people for you, to get the roads repaired quickly and easily.
  • HM Revenue & Customs' website explains benefits to employers: tax exemption for bicycles and cyclists' meals or refreshments - please click EIM21664.

Cycles on business

  • To provide a selection of company bicycles for staff to use on business see TfL's practical guide to setting up a workplace bike pool - Pool Bikes for Business.
  • To apply for funds towards the cost of your pool bike purchase see Workplace Travel Grant.
  • ETA offer employers pool bike insurance and there are other insurance companies that offer similar coverage.
  • TP+ of TfW has their own electric pool bike scheme with details of operating instructions.  Additional information is available from Tammy Liu 01223 437052.
  • TfW employers have pool bike schemes and employers wanting to find out more should contact TfW 01223 715550.

Fitness Benefits

We all know that:

  • We are becoming increasing sedentary.
  • We should be taking more exercise
  • Cycling is a great way to fit exercise into busy working and family lives.

Company Benefits

Promoting cycling will benefit your company because it will:

  • Reduce sickness levels
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce time spent complaining about the drive into work!
  • Cycling can be the quickest form of transport – your staff will arrive on time!
  • A very useful Tax and Travel Plans guide has been produced by Prof. Stephen Potter at the Open University. This explains benefits to employers: tax exemption for bicycles and cyclists' meals or refreshments etc. Click to download a copy.