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Cambridgeshire is flat! Those who live and work around the Cambridge know that it can justifiably claim to be the cycling capital of England. The cycling infrastructure in the rest of Cambridgeshire is rapidly improving also.

So in promoting cycling to work we have topography and infrastructure on our side – compared to many parts of the country we are very lucky.

It is a rare Cambridgeshire travel plan indeed that does not include cycling!

Below are some TfC ideas to facilitate and promote cycling to your workplace.

Fitness Benefits

We all know that:

  • We are becoming increasing sedentary.
  • We should be taking more exercise.
  • Cycling is a great way to fit exercise into busy working and family lives, whilst also getting to and from work at the same time.

Company Benefits

Promoting cycling will benefit your company because it will:

  • Reduce sickness levels.
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Reduce time spent complaining about the drive into work!
  • Cycling can be the quickest form of transport – your staff will arrive on time!

TfC discounts

Grant funding opportunities - promoting cycling

  • TfC's Workplace Sustainable Travel Grant can provide up to £10,000 or 75% of the scheme costs (whichever is the lower amount) to provide cycle stands, lockers, drying rooms, improve showers, changing rooms or pool bicycles.
  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign's Cycle Parking Guide is a useful guide for information on stand purchase and installation.
  • TfC's Event Grant offers £500 - £2000 to TfC member employers towards the cost of a sustainable travel event, depending on how many employers are covered by the event. Use the grant to help fund a cycling event at your workplace, such as cyclists' breakfast or a Dr Bike session.

Cycle purchase support and Cycle to Work schemes

Promoting Cycling

  • Use Immobilise to register bikes and improve cycle security. Any item with a serial number can be registered for free. An Immobilise poster is available to download.  
  • Transport for London's (TfL) Cycling to Work guide is aimed at all those organisations that care about the vitality and prosperity of their locality and the wellbeing of those who work and live within it, and wish to encourage and facilitate cycling to the workplace.
  • Provide mileage rates for staff that cycle to meetings (see Tax Implications for details of what rates you can give).
  • Cycle maps - available from Cambridgeshire County Council for Cambridge, Hutningdon, St Ives, Ely, St Neots, Wisbech and other areas.
  • CycleStreets - online cycle journey planner.
  • Report a problem online include potholes, trees issues, signal faults, damaged signs and bridge damage. Rights of way issues can be reported too, such as a damaged stile or an overgrown path. The right people are contacted for you, and get highways repaired quickly and easily.
  • HM Revenue & Customs' website explains benefits to employers: tax exemption for bicycles and cyclists' meals or refreshments.

Cycle training

  • Adult Cycle Training - Providing or supporting adult cycle training for your staff is a wonderful way of giving your employees the confidence to consider cycling to work. TfC also offers discounts on cycle training with local providers Outspoken and Ridingabike.
  • Alternatively, refer to the Department for Transport's website for local freelance trainers.
  • To find out more about cycle training and starting out, view the 'Do it by Cycle' DVD, which is available to view online on Cambridge Cycling Campaign's website.

Cycle maintenance training

  • Cycle Maintenance Training - TfC's discounts on cycle training also cover discounts on cycle maintenance training.
  • Or, your organisation could organise a Dr Bike session to fix minor bicycle repairs and maintenance issues at your site.

Cycles on business

  • To provide a selection of company bicycles for staff to use on business see Transport for London's practical guide to setting up a workplace bike pool - Pool Bikes for Business.
  • ETA offer employers pool bike insurance, and there are other insurance companies that offer similar coverage.
  • Travel Plan Plus (TP+) has its own electric pool bike scheme for employers in the TP+ area.