Travel for Cambridgeshire


Network meetings and workshops

Travel planning can be a lonely business, however, you are not alone! TfC's membership network of over 170 local employers is here to help.  TfC organises occasional network meetings and workshops each year which allow:

  • Networking with other employers producing travel plans
  • Great opportunity to share ideas
  • Useful presentations on travel planning issues
  • Presentations from TfC members on their experiences of implementing a travel plan


TfC's last workshop was held on the 27th March 2014 at Girton College, and the feedback received from delegates was very positive.


For a flavour of the workshop, please view the workshop's presentation, which gave an introduction to the group exercises on the day.



Please contact us, or keep an eye on the TfC Newsletter and the diary and events page to find out about future events.