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Olympic News

The London 2012 Olympic Games will take place between 27 July-12 August. The Paralympic Games will run between 29 August-9 September.

TfW Employers will need to be Olympic ready on two counts:

1. Travelling to London during the Games

Will you be travelling to London for important business meetings during the Olympic’s?

You can easily avoid getting caught up in Olympic congestion on the tube and road network by visiting Transport for London’s very useful website. This tells you which tube stations to avoid, on which days and at what times.

You may find that by changing your meeting by a day or even a couple of hours will reduce a whole stack of stress!

Visit the TfL advice on

There is a link to the London 2012 Toolkit and more.

The Olympic website also has some business travel advice at  (mostly aimed at London businesses but has some useful info)

2. Active Travel Promotion (Health & Wellbeing)

The Olympic enthusiasm will be very beneficial to your promotions of active travel to work. Get your budding Sir Chris Hoy's and Victoria Pendleton's out there on their bikes!

London 2012: Improving health and wellbeing and helping you to be fit and active. NHS Change for Life can help you and your staff make healthy changes, encouraging increased sporting participation and healthy eating.  

For further information on health and London 2012 visit NHS Get fit with the Olympics. (opens in new window)

Cambridgeshire Sports and Activities.

GOLD is the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Coordinating Group for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Cultural Olympiad.

And in Cambridgeshire...

With the Olympics getting closer everyday, there is lots going on in the local area to ensure the effects of London 2012 are felt in Cambridge and Peterborough. Local authorities and councils are providing great opportunities for all.

TfW businesses might want to get involved: the websites below have the details:

East Cambs Sport

Cambridgeshire UK Leisure Olympics

Cambridgeshire Leisure Arts

South Cambs Leisure and Culture

Peterborough Sports and Leisure

Athletes to Watch

read the latest about the athletes

Spectator Journey Planner

The Official Olympic website

The Olympic Website.